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InData - International Open Data Network for Sustainable Building (InData) is an informal, non-profit working group of interested stakeholders. The main objective of InData is to establish an online based international open data network structure for EPD/LCA data using a common data format and open source software.

Using a common data format in an open network structure shall allow open access to data, while maintaining individual ownership and allowing for flexible application of data. Data is provided and organized by each supplier, while at the same time available to users across the data network. The user shall be able to filter data from the entire database network for his specific purpose.

The Working Group `International Open Data Network for Sustainable Building` -InData- originated from growing interest in structuring and using information from Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for sustainable building. Together with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), EPDs are a strong instrument for sustainable development for homes and buildings.  

The newly developed website will work as a platform to exchange experience and create a joint international information node for the construction sector. To support and disseminate information on sustainable buildings the InData website will share news about meetings, international conferences, publications and the growing InData network.

The public (research) institutions, program operators and experts who participate in InData aim to establish an online based open data network for EPD and generic data according to international standards. Therefore InData formulated a Decalogue that includes among others a uniform data format and common quality rules.

In this project phase the website offers information about the members of InData and news about the working group. The next milestone for InData is the release of the joint data network.

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