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Decisions from Technical Committee (TC)

Decision 08/2018


It is a requirement that 0 shall only be used for results that are calculated to be zero. Rounding to two decimal places shall not be used if this leads to no significant digits being reported, as this can be misinterpreted as a calculated zero value.


0.00 shall only be used for values that are calculated to be zero. For small values scientific notation should be used. 


Decision 07/2018


A previous decision has made it possible to create EPDs with EN 15804 as the only PCR, as long as the EPD did not extend beyond modules A1-A5. The purpose was to allow for the creation of EPDs (declared unit) where there was no existing PCR. After the introduction of the new PCR structur with a PCR Part A and PCR Part B, this decision needed updating. 


When developing EPD for a construction product, PCR part A shall allways be used. If there is no PCR part B available from EPD Norway an EPD can be made based on PCR part A only. When there is a PCR part B available for the product, this shall be applied. 

Further specifications:

  • This replaces decision 08/2015
  • PCR from programme operators that have a mutual recognition agreement with EPD Norway may be used. 


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